Wilderness Survival Preparedness

Any time that you step out into the outdoors, you're in a different playing field. Whether you plan to be outdoors for just the day or for an overnight or weekend adventure, the bottom line is that you should plan on the unexpected. One of the things that causes or prevents a disaster is your own preparedness to meet the elements and anything that may be thrown at you. If you're a hunter,fisherman, or hiker, the fact is that at any given time you may run into a problem that will leave you stranded. Being prepared every time that you leave the house to be stranded in the wilderness is just good sense.

Survival in the outside world means taking a few things into account. Most of the water isn't going to be clean.Nourishment is important but not nearly as much so as water. Find a source immediately. The elements are going to cause some problems, whether from heat or cold. Shelter is imperative. The biggest thing that you will have going for you in a wilderness survival scenario is going to be your mental preparedness. Being physically fit is very important but it is not nearly so important as have the survival psychology. KNOW that you can survive. Your own will is going to make far more difference than all of the survival gear in the world. That said, any time that you head out into the outside world and you're going to be out of contact with people, make sure that you have some things with you. A small backpack will carry most of them and they will be enough to help to ensure your survival for a time. You can use these things to keep you alive until you're found or until you find help.

Depending on where you're stranded, whether forest, desert, tropical or cold weather, your needs are going to be different and unique. Some of them can be addressed with basic items that will serve in any survival situation. A minimalist survival kit should always be in your trunk or in a small backpack that goes with you when you go fishing, camping, hiking or hunting in remote areas.

Before you go into the wilderness

Survival pack contents should include:

Nearly all of these things can be carried with a weight of under a pound. That means your pack isn't going to be very heavy but you've got most of what you need to help you get through the wildnerness adventure and survive it. These things are the most important part of a kit that you will take with you in every instance when you're headed into the outside world.

What to do if you get lost in the wilderness

Some things that you need to remember for when you are stuck in the outside include these:

Find a source of water.

You will want to locate a source of water that is relatively close to where you are. You'll be able to hear rivers and lakes and streams in many cases. Springs will also make noise. Stand still and listen for any source of running water. Locate it and try to ensure that you make your shelter near enough to it to avoid having to walk a long distance to get there.

Build a shelter.

Depending on the weather a shelter may be more important than finding water. Use your own good judgement when you determine that. If the sun or the cold is beating down on you and you need to get out of it, the shelter comes first.
There is one thing about creating a shelter that is typically done incorrectly by those who are new to the outdoors. A shelter needs to be quite small. It should be done in a way that it is just large enough to cover you and to be inside. it should be small enough to keep the heat inside.

Get Rescued

Once you've found shelter and water, and you have a way to be warmed or to be cooled the next thing that you want to do is to find a way to get the help that you need and to get rescued. It's usually in your best interests to stay put. That isn't always the case, but normally you want to stay where you are. If a day or two passes and no one has found you, then you may need to make other arrangements and begin to walk to find the help that you need, depending on where you are. Use a signal mirror to catch the sun and reflect it. Try to stay to high ground and to open ground if you are traveling in order to be found--unless of course you're in an area which is well known for predators or you have some other reason to stay hidden. The best method that you have for being seen by searchers is to be signaling regularly, to leave marks in the snow, the dirt or the trees and to stay in the open as you can to let people know where to find you.

After you are found or find your way to safety

One you have been found, if there are others make sure that your people are found and rescued and that you let the rescuers know precisely where they are. Ensure that any fires or any other things that you had going to bring in the rescuers are extinguished so that you're not putting others in danger with your rescue.

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