8800 - Water Filter

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This is a compact and light weight water purification solution. It removes giardia and other amoeba by filtration without chemicals and without affecting the taste of the water. This kit includes a sealed cartridge filter, ball-type pump, 24" (60 cm) discharge tube, 14" (35. 5 cm) adapter tube and 6" (15. 2 cm) plastic strap. Filter - The positively sealed cartridge filters out all articles and micro organisms down to a nominal 2-micron level. It can filter up to 400 quarts of water, depending on water clarity. Pump - This simple ball-type two-way unit provides sufficient pressure to easily maintain the recommended flow rate. Discharge tube - A 24" plastic tube fits the tapered hole in the head of the pump strap - A 6" tube is supplied which can be fitted directly to the filter, allowing the user direct access to a drink of fresh water. Adapter tube - This 14" tube allows the user to pump excess water out of the filter prior to packing or storage.

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