LF4052 - Lifeline Ultra Light Survival Kit

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Living in Oregon, we regularly hear stories on the news about lost hikers and rock climbers. Emergency preparedness doesn't mean just being ready for the big events. Carrying a light weight survival kit like this one is a no brainer when you are heading out on a hike or other wilderness adventure! At only 5.5 oz, this kit keeps you safe without weighing you down. It includes items for shelter, first aid, signaling, and even fishing! All the items are packaged in a small (6" x 5. 5" x 1. 25"), weather resistant carrying case. Lifeline Survival Kit Contents: 1 x Weather Resistant carry case, 3 x Safety Pin, 1 x Surgical Blade, 5 x Wound Closure Strip, 1 x Survival Guide, 1 x Emergency Whistle, 1 x 10" Survival Cord, 1 x Map compass, 1 x Survival Blanket, 1 x Box waterproof Matches, 1 x Roll Duct Tape, 1 x 18" X 12" Sheet Aluminum Foil, 1 x 8" Snare Wire 4 x Fishing Hook, 4 x Fishing Sinker Weight, 1 x 50" 10lb Fishing Line, 1 x Reusable Zipper-Lock Bag

Survival Knives

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