About Wilderness-Survival-Gear

Wilderness-Survival-Gear.com is owned and operated by CB World.

Several years ago some of us at CB World were chating, and got on the subject of the myan calendar.  You may remember that on December 21, 2012 the world was supposed to end.  Of course, it didn't.  At the time, we had no real fears of anything happening in relation to the calendar, but it did get me thinking. 

There are many things that can happen and go wrong in life.  I slowly began putting together plans and gathering materials I might need if something tangable happened in my area. Living where I do in Oregon, there are not often many natural disasters.  But there is always the threat of Mt. St. Helens blowing up again, or a tsunami, or a major earthquake.  And there are countless things that could go wrong with society.  So I got online and started prepping.

The theme I have noticed online is that sites that provide these types of supplies seem to be trying to scare customers into making purchases.  There are always pictures of disasters and over the top stories about doomsday scenarios and government collapse.  That is not what we are about.

At Wilderness-Survival-Gear.com we want to help our customers be informed and be prepared.  We want to help you have peace of mind, knowing you are ready for whatever may come.  We are busy creating a library where you can learn about dangers in your area, how likely they are to occur, and what you may need to get through them.  We are also working to stock all the things you may need at reasonable prices. We will do everything we can to be the best survival gear store available online!

Thank you for stopping by!